‘Miss America sin ah Kan Lainu ka zahpi lo’ — Salai Cung Khenglawt

Nihin cu Miss America Organization nih Atlantic City, New Jersey khua ah a voi 92 nak Miss America zuamnak an tuah, 1928-1932 le 1934 kum ah hin phaisa lei harnak an ton caah Miss zuamnak an rak tuah kho lo.

Tutan an tuah nak ah Nai Imani Franklin nih Miss America upatnak luchin a co pin ah dollar thong 50 an pek chih. A nih hi minak a si i July 27, 1993 ah a chuak i kum 25 si.
2018 New York Miss a rak si i tu kum state kip zuamnak ah Miss America a co hi a si.

Indiana CYO zong nih 2019 North America CYO Miss zuamnak ca ding ah tukum in Miss thimnak an kan tuahpi ve. Ruthie Hlawn Cer Chin nih Miss CYO Indiana luchin an kan lak piak leng ah dollar thong 1 le 500 an pek, a nih hi mino te kum 19 asi i a khan 5’ 5” a sang.
Bio (Atuanbia tawi)
Ruthie Hlawn Cer Chin was born in Hakha, Chin State, Burma. She is the youngest sister of 3. At age 6, she moved to America in 2004. She is currently in her second year of undergrad studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Her major is Biology B.S. with a minor in Spanish and is currently on the pre-medical track. After visiting her Homeland for the first time in 14 years, Ruth is motivated to return back once again to the villages to help and inform people medically.
Contestant Facts:
Ruth played Viola at her schools’ orchestra from grade 5 to grade 12.
Ruth has played tennis and ran track along with did long jump in middle school.
One of Ruth’s long-term goal is be multilingual. She hopes to be able to understand/ speak multiple Chin dialects along with re-learning Burmese.


Hi event tuahnak ding ah American dollar $6000 tluk an dih. Laimi ngeih mi Hall le hmun hma bawmh an hal tik hna ah bia fak fak an rak hlinh hna i kan nau le hruaitu Mino tete an ngeihchia i an lungdong ngai ngai. Mirang ngeih mi Hall special pawl ti ah le thong 10 leng hna an si i puai tuah kho lo deng in a um nain ZBC nih an Hall thar te bak last minute ah man dengte in an kan hlanh i puai tlamtling in kan tuah khawh.
Mino cawlcangnak asi i kan fa nau le hna an thiltuah le an cawlcang zeidah a lawh timi khua chung nu/pa an muisen a de in de loh. Cu hlan cu Southport Life Center Biakinn ah lunglawm te le man deng tak tak in mi phundang mirang nih an rak kan hlanh tawn i kan tlamtling ngai ngai tawn. Hi ti kan lungput ning in mi ramdang ah kan kal ah cun Chin mi hi mah le mah kar ah dawtnak le zawnruahnak a zor ching lengmang lai i Mino le Upa kar ah kahcham a thuk chin lengmang lai ti cu vawlei cumh i nganh khawh lo ding tluk in a techia.

Salai Cung Khenglawt
Indianapolis, USA