Nunnak ai cheuhmi Ram Cung Nung le a upa Aung Oo: Zohchunh tlak taktak an si

US um Lai mino lakah business lei in minthang ngai a simi Aung Oo cu kaal(kidney) zawtnak a ngei nain a naupa Ram Cung Nung nih a kaal pakhat a hlut, a upa nunnak a cheuh ti khawh a si.

Upat tihzah an um hringhran ko. Siizung an umnak hmanthlak he Aung Oo nih Facebook ah ai lawmhnak a tanglei bantuk in a tial.

Thank you God for answering our prayers, Thank you my younger brother Ram Cung Nung who demonstrates his love to me by donating one of his kidneys to me with such a happy heart Coming all the way from Yangon Myanmar just for the purpose of donating one of his kidneys. Thank you My angel sent from above by God for me, my beloved wife Minge who has taken care of me well without any loss of smiles in our darkest times. Thank you my mom and dad, my parents in laws, and siblings, friends and relatives who have supported me by your words of encouragement and prayers from all parts of world including so many churches who put me in their lists of prayers.

Ahmasa Bik Ah Pathian min ka thangthat. Azungzal In biak Awk tlak kan Bawipa kan Pathian A si🙏. Jesuh dawtnak bantuk a ngeimi ka nau hniang Ram Cung Nung, a Nunnak Cheuh In Keimah a u ka dam Nak hnga caah, Yangon lei In USA ram ah Rat riangmang in aKaal Pakhat A ka hlut. Kan Innchungkhar muihnak In kan khat lio Caan Ah mithmai panh zirziar tein a ka zoh Khentu dawt Bikmi kan Nu Mi Nge, ka nu le ka pa, kan nu anu le apa, kan unau dihlak, kan hawi le dihLak, kan chungkhat u le nau dihlak, vawleicung Khua za kip ah ummi Khrihfabu Kip, nan Thlacam piaknak thawngin ni hin ah tlamtling tein surgery kan I lim cang. kan I lawm tuk ee…. Hmailei zong Thlacam kan philh hrim hlah uhlaw tiah Zangfahnak kan In nawl ko hna. Bawipa nih nan kan dawtnak cungah a thar in Thluachuah In Pe hram ko hna seh.